2Q 2015: Busy Hydrographic period…

OSL continued through the months of April, May and June with extremely strong performance in the Hydrographic survey discipline for the various business sectors; further cementing its position as the leading Hydrographic Survey provider both locally and regionally. During this time, the OSL team remained engaged in several offshore and onshore projects, these included Topograpahic Surveying and Coastal mapping, as well as on-going long term Engineering Consultancy which is nearing completion. Some key points from 2Q 2015:

1. Performance of Hydrographic surveys of various scales and specifications, namely in Point Lisas; two (2) surveys for dredging works, one (1) survey Port of Spain area and another study of water depths for Environmental Baseline Monitoring, offshore South East Coast of Trinidad.

2. OSL also undertook a relatively large mapping exercise on the North Coast of Trinidad performing Land Topographic and Bathymetric surveying in the Coastal Zone along approximately 5.5 kms of coastline. OSL mobilized a full survey team and suite of survey equipment on site for the land and offshore works. Some equipment included; Odom CVM Dual Frequency Singlebeam Echsounder, CNAV 3050, TSS Attitude Sensor, Trimble R6 base and rover, Valeport Tide Gauge, Leica TS06 and many more. This was another milestone for OSL given the level of involvement required from a planning, HSE, technical and operational standpoint due to the relatively remote location and simultaneous projects being carried out.

3. Expansion of the Offshore Survey suite of equipment with the procurement of a new DGNSS unit and other electronics to facilitate multiple simultaneous surveys as well as redundancy.

4. In April 2015 OSL welcomed Mr Gerard Wharton to the Project Field staff and offshore survey team; Gerard adds to the high standard of technical survey expertise at OSL with over 20 years in the survey industry and a wealth of experience from Offshore Positioning (locally, regionally and Internationally) and Topographic Land Surveys.


OSL stamps its name as the Hydrographic Survey provider of choice

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